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Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching is an effective method for the management of health and well-being.

Everybody wants to feel good and be happy. This includes physical and mental health, satisfaction with yourself and your life and with what surrounds you. And the ability to deal with the natural challenges. Health coaching is the way to restore this form of physical and mental balance in your life.


  • Discussion of your health history
  • Identify your long and short term health goals in all walks of life
  • Break down your individual needs
  • Creating a health plan: Establish feasible steps to success
  • Awareness raising
  • Clarification and resolution of possible blockages, traumas, patterns
  • Regular exchange and advice from the coach
  • Supporting documents: simple, healthy recipes, links, reading and tips
  • Offer additional meaningful treatments and measures
    (Sat Nam Rasayan, Meditation Training, Space Clearing, etc.)

The Starting Point

For many of us, the original unity of body, mind and soul has been lost and we are suffering from a lifestyle that makes us unhappy and dissatisfied. More caught between constraints and wishful thinking than free and self-determined.

Many people suffer. They suffer from digestive issues, chronic stomach pain, chronic back pain, obesity, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, migraines or depressive moods. They feel unhappy and drained or feel somehow unfulfilled despite the actual fulfillment of their wishes and goals. They suffer from procrastination and delusion, they do a job that they dislike or live with a partner they just can’t love. Many people spend all their energy on tasks they can not handle and on a busy schedule that won’t let them sleep at night. Or family and work have become their reason that they no longer worry about themselves. Many have taken responsibility for others – but no time or opportunity to be there for themselves.

Added to this is the often very one-sided treatment of the symptoms by specialized doctors, who often do not get to the bottom of the true causes of the symptoms and do not explore the bigger context and correlations. Many of the modern methods of treatment bring – if at all – therefore usually only a short-term improvement.

Modern medicine has achieved tremendous success in its individual areas through specialization. However, the focus is mostly on the elimination of symptoms and less on the causes. As a health coach, I work according to the principles of Functional Medicine. It looks at the human being as a whole, in terms of its health history, dispositions, heredity, the current life situation and lifestyle, traumas or emotions stored in the body, etc.

Man should be seen in its complex form in which all areas interact. This is the basis of my work.

A Holistic Health consultation encompasses all areas of your life and your personality. Through the accompanying analysis, treatment and counseling personal goals can be pinned, existing beliefs dissolved and new self-confidence can be found. You get the attention you need to figure out what’s right for you personally at this moment in your life, and get the support to make changes happen in the long term.

Under the right circumstances, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. The essential basis for this is always an intact immune system. But this is precisely the weak point for many people, who suffer from one disease after another, often caused by one-sided diet, too frequent treatments with antibiotics without subsequent intestinal cure, too little exercise and too much stress. This is where the work of Detox & Cleanse of the body starts. Cleansing the body and building the immune system are an essential part of my job.

The second big component of my work is the awareness work and mental stress reduction. Together, unconsciously stored traumatic experiences can be resolved and false beliefs positively changed to bring you closer to the fulfillment of your goals. With the help of mental techniques, you can reduce stress, hide the streams of thought and find clarity. Stress manifests itself in many different forms. Getting to the bottom of these mechanisms and finding out where you are trapped away from your very being and more in the desires of others can help you on your way to a liberated, self-conscious life.

The combination of physical and mental work in terms of awareness, acceptance and empowerment leads to healing and transformation. It describes holistic or holistic health advice.



is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that enables patients and physicians to work together on the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal well-being. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and uses that data to create personalized treatment plans that result in improved patient outcomes.

Addressing the cause rather than the symptoms, practitioners are geared to understanding the complexity of the disease. You may find that a condition has many different causes and that a cause can cause many different conditions. As a result, the treatment of functional medicine aims at the specific manifestations of the disease in each individual.

The Institute of Functional Medicine®

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