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Mental detox, awareness work, emotional clearing and trauma solution.

One of the most important secrets of life is that energy follows attention and we create our lives daily through the nature of our thoughts. Through mental detox and awareness work, it is possible for humans to actually transform their lives.

Just as your body needs to be detoxified, when you consume too much alcohol or unhealthy food, your brain needs to detoxify from negativity, overwork, fear or paranoia.

Why mental Detox?

Our thoughts have an influence on how we perceive and shape our lives. And often it is not even our own thoughts that we have stored in us for many years, but beliefs that have been taught to us or that we have simply adopted. In addition, people have a biological tendency to focus on problems rather than the positive things in life. The newspapers and television news are full of negative stories, and those who listen to typical conversations in the office or on the street find that most people talk about problems rather than solutions.

But what we think, how we act based on that, and what choices we make, creates exactly the patterns that will be repeated later in our lives. Patterns that we sometimes want to dissolve.

The good news: the brain can be reprogrammed.

This is not about “thinking away” completely natural emotions, e.g. through pure positive thinking. Rather, it’s about revealing the patterns of thought that affect us in our personal wellbeing and in our human, spiritual growth. Not only do we expand our opportunities for personal development, but we also understand more easily to deal with the events and encounters in our lives in a positive way. We can become more balanced and happy overall.

According to the principle of house cleaning, it is though necessary to make room and get rid of some of the old and clear the clutter. Here is what the Mental Detox Program can offer you:


  • Increase in effectiveness
  • Strengthening your self-confidence
  • Positive perception of life, optimism
  • Finding new energy
  • Redesign your life
  • Achieving your goals
  • Promotion of self-healing powers

Mental stress reduction techniques are in demand more than ever, not least because their efficiency has now been scientifically proven.

Our brains are challenged more than ever. The increased strain through increasingly complex work processes, the digital worlds, the flood of information, imagery, non-stop communication and noise. Our brain is similar to a battery. Over a period of time, we can put a lot of strain on it, but then it takes at least a day of complete rest to recharge.

A healthy and balanced mental state can be achieved by relieving the brain through mental techniques, physical exercise, oxygen and sleep. Your Coach helps you to implement these new techniques and make it an integral part of your life.


  • Coaching on the objectives and the implementation process
  • Awareness raising
  • Clarifying negative-acting thought patterns
  • Dissolving blockages
  • Introduction to mental stress reduction techniques
  • accompanying coaching techniques
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