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Holistic Health Coaching.
Healthy, Happy, Awake.

“We have the potential to heal ourselves and realize in our lives what we desire : Health, love, happiness, joy, abundance…”

The Integrative Approach

Our old medical system was based on : choosing a doctor who could be the right one for the specific problem and who then would be opening diagnostic boxes to conjure up a drug. The goal was to find and define a problem, a symptom, an illness. In some cases this approach makes sense. Many people though tent to focus on what they originally tried to cure or resolve and thus made it stay or even become worse.

What is new: Health coaching works according to the principle of functional, holistic medicine which looks at people in their complexity, individuality, lifestyle and energetic situation. The basic method of health coaching is the support and promotion of a self-responsible lifestyle and the permanent change towards more health, joy and self-realization. And finally to self-healing.

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic coaching and process support for the implementation of your goals for a healthier and more balanced life.

Detox Your Body

The fastest and most effective way to more health and energy. A strong immune system provides longterm wellbeing.

Detox Your Mind

Achieve your personal goals with awareness training, stress reduction and mental detox. Find mental balance and inner contentment.

Why personal Health Coaching?

There are countless health information and tutorials available to everyone. But it is not the knowledge alone that can really help change your life and achieve your goals. We are human beings and therefore need the human counterpart. Coaching is based on this direct connection, listening, empathy, trust and support.

A coach is your personal advisor, who takes the time for your concerns, who challenges and encourages you, who keeps you accountable and brings hidden obstacles to the surface to support you in finding the best version of yourself. The principle of coaching is an ancient method for all people to achieve their best.

What My Clients Say

Laurence, South of France

As if the veil that was on my personality was lifted and gone. I feel that I am myself! “

“I realize every day how much you have changed my life! I did not realize it immediately, but since our meeting, our exchanges, our work, I have the feeling of being soothed, tolerant, optimistic and realistic. As if the veil that was on my personality was lifted and gone. I feel that I am myself! And no longer an ego barricaded in its certainties, its pains, its wounds. To say thank you is far from enough in view of the upheaval that has occurred but that’s all I find, so THANK YOU »

Ali, London

Sometimes in life man feels like flying but he can’t see and he doesn’t feel his wings. Martina has thought me how to fly, see and trust.

Martina has helped me through finding my spiritual path by listening to my story and by guiding me through in all different life stages. After each life coaching session i am able to see life slightly differently from a different angle and also full of possibilities. I received huge amount of support and information in regards to detox plans and  I have now learnt how to eat and lead a healthy life style consciously; words can not describe my gratitude. Many thanks.“

Jennifer, New York

Martina is smart, intuitive and compassionate.

„Martina is wonderful to work with. Her individualized approach helped me address my challenges and make the changes I needed to reach my goals. She helped keep me focused, accountable and on track in a very supportive manor.“

Birgit, Munich

„You really look good today!“

„Good deep sleep, lots of sport (so lots of energy !!), good mood and all-round well-being. The comments of others: „bright face“ and „you really look good today!“

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