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The basis for healing is cleansing.

One of the key secrets of health lies in the intact intestine and in every single cell we provide with our nutrition.

Our body has the ability to heal itself. The essential basis for this is always an intact immune system. But this is precisely the weak point in most people, who draw one disease after another by one-sided diet, too frequent usage of antibiotics without a subsequent cure of the intestinal tract, too little exercise and too much stress. This is where the work of Detox & Cleanse of the body begins. Cleansing the body and building the immune system are an essential part of this work.


  • Discussion of your health history
  • Introduction to the topic, causes and relationships
    Presentation of the pure natural Detox / Cleanse products
  • Creation of a health plan
  • Integration of your personal fitness training, video links
  • Basic green smoothies, presentation and preparation of various recipes
  • Exchange and advice by the coach: 4 sessions during 4 weeks
  • supporting documents: simple, healthy recipes, links and book tips
  • 6 Coaching sessions, also possible via Skype or Telephone

Why detox?

Detox and Cleanse mean cleansing, revitalizing your body and boosting your immune system. For many thousands of years old cultures this kind of internal cleansing is a natural part of life. Because people knew about the secret of health and the benefits of cleansing the digestive system: healthy and vital body cells, youthful fresh looks, more energy and fitness, mental clarity and a stable immune system.

In today’s typical diet with low-nutrient, altered foods, along with the increased environmental toxins surrounding us everywhere, the immune system is pretty over-stressed.

In addition, there are often increased antibiotics and hyperacidity due to a one-sided acid-forming diet and alcohol, which damage our intestinal flora. Many people then suffer from allergies, migraines, overweight and depressive moods. Often, they then only receive prescription drugs that do not get to the root cause and in some cases even increase the burden on the body.

Candida (vaginal fungus), for example, which many young women have to deal with today, are most often caused by a bacterially unbalanced bowel and an inflammatory digestive track (leaky gut). This is why women often deal with Candida for so many years without never really healing it. Functional medicine takes care of the underlying causes and not just treats the symptoms. This makes long-lasting and optimal health possible.

A Detox or Cleanse can be a life-changing measure!

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