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The mind is the problem and the solution.

We are not only getting constant thoughts and emotions communicated through all those cerebral cellulose, we also might experience nightly dreams as a second world lived in when actually wanting to rest. Modern science now claims what ancient healing techniques have known for ages: that our brains are formed by our experiences and that we can change our brains and so have an impact on how we perceive our world. Which in the end has an impact on the world that surrounds as. So what seems to be a spiritual “all is connected” count of vies now is becoming innovative medical science, showing that we can attempt healing and transformation through mental work, also called Meditation.

So how does mental work look like?

There are several methods. One simple technique can already be the awareness training through proper respiration. Several times a day you can concentrate on your breathing and count up to 10 while inhaling, holding your breath for ten and then exhaling for ten. This allows you not only to shift your focus only on your breathing (which is our ultimate existentially) but also to calm your breath, your mind and if done properly also to relax your muscles. This is the most basic tool of conscious work and was the beginning of my personal healing transformation as well.

Other techniques that allow even deeper relaxation up to re-programming and self-healing stem from ancient yoga practices and might nowadays be soon retitled in new western brands. However, they  remain the same. Most have their origins in eastern traditions of yoga and meditation, ancient healing techniques which work with the brain and healing through meditation like Sat Nam Rasayan. I personally had my first experience with this method in 2011 when I met the teacher of this science, Guru Dev Singh. This method works with the “projective meditative mind”, you learn to open up the inner space, meaning consciousness as well as inner mental capacities, sometimes accompanied through certain yogic techniques that allow to open up brain areas that you might never have accessed before.

The effects have a positive impact on your own mental and physical wellbeing

As they allow to accept what is, to step into the so-called “neutral space” and to become aware of your own judgements and inner voices that can drive you crazy sometimes. This inner peace and wellbeing, the alpha state of your brain, the calmness of your mind, also effects your physical health: it can not only release tension, heal inflammations or resolve blockages which can be the cause for further diseases, it is also a method for energetical cleaning of past traumas and experiences. My personal experience with meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan itself led me to disconnect of personal stories that kept me stuck, as well as conscious healing that allowed me to connect with my body so I would know if I was feeling well or suppressing anything. In the end this work is a work that never ends, because we experience new situations that my challenge us, new energies that might bring us down or encounters that still have the tendency to keep us stuck in what makes us suffer. But life is continuous work and challenge itself. If we do not accept this, we disregard the possibility of inner growth.

Distractions of your mind

The overall medicine for your self-healing is – besides a mostly plant-based healthy nutrition and lots of water, movement to keep your energy flowing and healthy relations that make your heart feel good – the art of meditation. Mind-work so to speak. In this way our mind is the solution for our problems. To get into the center of yourself and to reconnect to where you come from means to disconnect from thoughts and step into the wholeness of your mindfulness.

For some of us this might take some time, we have difficulties to sit still for a certain amount of time. We cannot concentrate on the breath but get drawn into our thoughts all the time…those are challenges everyone is faced by. The solution is to accept them as what they are: distractions of your mind. The moment you are able to observe your own thoughts as such, your uncomfortability as just such, you are on the way to your conscious Self. By stepping beyond your emotions and pushing your own limits you accessed realms of inner peace and joy.

What you might discover

Behind the voice of your thoughts (ususally not only one) there is a stable, calm presence that is always within you, because it is your inner source that has always been there and will always be there.  Also called soul. Your Source of wisdom, source of intuition. You might even experience the connection to the universe itself, to Source itself. And this is how in the spiritual world people talk about the Oneness if god – meaning source – meaning the universe and your self.

We are living in a time where our brain is challenged in multiple ways. Depression can be transformed and healed by mental work. If you want to become the creator of your life, transform negativity into positivity (alchemy) and see the results in your environment, if you want to reconnect to your soul and balance your thoughts, then start meditating. If you do not know how or fear any consequences, reach out to teachers. It will change your life.